Composite Maintenance Cluster on Aviolanda

ROC West-Brabant received a contribution of 812,000 euros from the Regional Investment Fund (RIF). Together with the business community it is using the amount of money to work towards a better link between secondary vocational education and the labour market. The contribution was granted to the Composite Maintenance Cluster West-Brabant on Aviolanda, among others. The Markiezaat College and the Vakcentrum Bouwtechniek (Radius College) are also involved.

The use of composites has increased sharply in recent years. Composites have been used in aviation for many years, with the share of composites in an aircraft increasing steadily. The RIF’s contribution will enable more knowledge in the field of composite maintenance and repair to be realised.

John Leeman, Project Manager Composite Maintenance Cluster West-Brabant Aviolanda: “The region has said that there is a need for staff trained in the field of composite. These are super innovative techniques that were not yet in the education of the Markiezaat college. This project is intended to boost the economy and the region.

Wim Blinkhof, Director of Aircraft Maintenance & Training School: “The need for composing specialists is growing explosively, as a result of which we have recently been working together with other companies, knowledge institutions and governments in the Development Center for Maintenance of Composites within the regional triple helix.

Jon Huizinga, Operations Director TiaT Europe, NDO inspection company for aviation: “Non Destructive Investigation (NDO) is an essential facet of maintenance. Composite materials require different, often innovative inspection techniques. It is important that students acquire extensive knowledge in their study programme about the NDT techniques that can be applied and are yet to be developed in composites “.
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