Online Training / Virtual Classroom

Online Training / Virtual Classroom

The AM&TS provides Human Factors, Fuel Tank Safety, EWIS training and examinations through our online training platform. With this online training platform we are able to introduce and connect a forum discussion tool to your training courses if required. From now on we start growing our continuation training online portfolio together with customized training. 


Human Factors (Initial)
Human Factors (Continuation)
Fuel Tank Safety Level 1&2
Fuel Tank Safety Level 1&2 (Continuation)
EWIS Target Group 1&2 (Initial)

EWIS Target Group 1&2 (Continuation)
EWIS Target Group 3 (Initial)
EWIS Target Group 3 (Continuation)
EWIS Target Group 4 (Initial)
EWIS Target Group 4 (Continuation)
EWIS Target Group 5 (Initial)
EWIS Target Group 5 (Continuation)
EWIS Target Group 6 (Initial)
EWIS Target Group 6 (Continuation)
Electrostatic Discharge ESD - Preventive - NEW!
Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) - NEW!
Safety Management System SMS - NEW!


AM&TS provides capability to transform company specific training content into engaging and interactive E-learning. By transforming your internal training into online E-learning, you allow employees to study anytime, anywhere without using your own company resources.

Virtual Classroom

A Virtual Classroom is just like a traditional classroom with an instructor and students however, the class is conducted over the internet. Students do their own home work and preparation with the courseware like always, but use the Virtual Classroom additionally for Q&A sessions or to discuss specific subjects (e.g: more complex or difficult). This way the learning curve increases significantly.

A Virtual Classroom can hold up to six students. One of the advantages of a Virtual Classroom is the absence of traveling to the training location: each individual student can sit at his study place, and there is no need for all students to be in the same place. The six students can communicate directly with the instructor and with each other. 
More than six students is also possible, but is not recommended because of its effectiveness of the training and the pedagogical aspects. As a solution for bigger groups and to still get the most value out of the online sessions you can select six students who are able to interact with the instructor. They can be the spokesmen for the other students e.g. ask the questions and pass the answers to the group.

The webinar sessions are recorded for review, which enhances the learning experience. These recordings can be reviewed online for an unlimited periode until the examination date.