Part 145- Advanced Composites Repair technician, Beginner Level

This introduction course to composite repairs has been developed to get aquainted with composites, its applications and techniques.

Introduction composites.
Definitions and applications.
Human factors.
Reinforced Fibers.
Health, safety and environment.
Material Handling and Storage.
Facilities and Equipment.
Vacuum Bagging.
Heating Devices.
Reading Technical Drawings.
Machining of Composites.
Written Test.

Hands-on Exercises:
Learning by Doing.

Introduction to composite repairs.
Manufacturing and repair: monolithic panel lay-up using using dry glass cloth and liquid epoxy resin materials; symmetric and asymmetric laminates. Vacuum bagging with varied bleeder/breather sequences to evaluate resin bleed and flow characteristics.
Modification according engineering drawing on monolithic panel.
Sandwich panel layup, bagging and processing of nested glass and aramid fiber fabric foam and honeycomb core panel.
Composite repair: damage removal, scarf preparation, core and skin repair using wet layup materials and processes.
Vacuum bagging using non-autoclave bleeder/breather schedules. Installation of pleats to minimize bridging in high-angle core transitions. Vacuum debulking, leak checking, and identification of other potential bagging problems.

Prior composites experience or training is not required
The Aircraft Maintenance & Training School Part 147 certificat of regognition is awarded after completion of this course.

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