Fuel tank safety level 1&2 (Initial)

This Fuel Tank Safety Training initial Course includes theoretical and practical Fuel Tank Safety elements and is developed to meet the EASA part 145.A.30(e), part M.A.706(f) Personnel Requirements and EASA part 145.B.10 (3) and part M.B.102(c) Competent Authority (Qualification and training requirements).

Course content
General information
History and Concept of Fuel Tank Safety
Regulatory Directives for Ignition Prevention
Fuel Tank Safety Maintenance and Inspection
Flammability Reduction Systems
Electronic Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)
Finish all lessons and pass final exam

The AM&TS provides Human Factors, Fuel Tank Safety, EWIS training and examinations through our online training platform in collaboration with Aviato Academy. With this online training platform we are able to introduce and connect a forum discussion tool to your training courses if required. From now on we start growing our continuation training online portfolio together with customized training.

Previous knowledge required: As a prerequisite you need to have followed an initial Fuel Tank Safety Training course in compliance with EASA Part 145.A.30 Personnel. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Manager, all staff directly and indirectly involved in Aircraft Maintenance activities, Staff with airside access.
AM&TS (EASA Part-147 NL.147.7174) Certificate of course completion (Valid for 2 years)

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