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Besides developing relevant training, we collaborate with national and international parties to gain knowledge and capabilities through projects and long-term partnerships.
We work together to achieve our common aims, whether the aim is to create a seamless transition for young trainees into the workforce or to share knowledge and insights with partners in the industry.

Partnership ACRATS

We are proud to introduce ACRATS Training Services to you. Offering a complete range of composites and sheet metal technical training. The focal point of ACRATS: provide training to turn technicians into skilled structural repair specialists with hands-on experience using the latest techniques developed at the aviation industry.
ACRATS provides training that meets the needs of (future) specialist. Small classes ensure individual attention for each trainee. Our instructors are skilled trainers and aviation professionals. We have more than 20 years of experience that we pass on to our students every day. As a dedicated training organization in the aviation industry we are offering curriculum development, training capabilities and aviation training under EASA Part 66 & 147. This way, new and existing staff is qualified according the latest industry standards.
AM&TS is your partner when it comes to keeping your most valuable asset, your staff, as competent and motivated as they can be. We have joined forces with ACRATS to combine the expertise from our Part 147 certification with the highly qualified technical
training in Structural Repair. Together, we can offer you this unique portfolio today.

Partnership Aviator

Training Center “Aviator” was established in 2011 with the aim to provide high-quality services in the field of maintenance personnel training, primarily type training on both domestic- and foreign-built aircraft. More than that, the vast experience of our team allows our Training Center to provide a wide range of consultancy services in different fields of the aviation domain. Together with Training Center “Aviator” AM&TS provides (online) type training for the maintenance personnel. Via course you can find all available trainings (theoretical/practical), maintenance personnel categories, as well as aircraft types for which type training or difference training is provider. Type training is provided in accordance with European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part-147 requirements.

Mobile Newton Room

The Mobile Newton Room demonstrates the Newton Concept in a unique and innovative way, by inviting students from all over the world to visit the high quality and inspiring STEM educational environment of Newton!
FIRST Scandinavia has developed a way to expand its successful Newton Concept to new regions which don’t yet benefit from permanent Newton Rooms. A key component of the Newton expansion is our innovative container solution; the Mobile Newton Room.

Partnership TUI

TUI and AM&TS will collaborate more intensively in the field of aircraft technical training and education. The cooperation that has existed for many years has recently been formalized in a cooperation agreement. According to TUI, it is important to invest in training young technicicans to be ready for the future. The increase of aircraft technical students is even necessary to meet the expected demand of the future. AM&TS also recognizes this importance and strives through this collaboration to offer students an even better preparation for the professional field. As a result, TUI will show itself even more often at AM&TS in Hoogerheide for example to inform students about internship and career opportunities. In addition, masterclasses and lectures are organized by Tui for both students and teachers of the AM&TS. At TUI, to be active in training aviation technical personnel in a personal career path is central. After graduation, students have ample opportunities to continue learning and develop into the engineer of the future. Various students from AM&TS at TUI have experienced that personal development is central. The current interns are therefore happy to share their experience on how Tui helped them to develop their carreer.

EducAvia (Interreg IV, 2018-2020)

Een project van Interreg IV: uitbouw van kennisregio rondom luchtvaarttechnieken. De Aircraft Maintenance & Training School is trotse partner in het Interreg IV project Educavia.
Educavia: opleidingstekort vs. opleidingsaanbod
De luchtvaartsector is een belangrijk marktsegment voor de Vlaamse en Nederlandse economie met een sterk (groei)potentieel aan werkgelegenheid.
Tegelijkertijd stelt men vast dat er te weinig afstemming is tussen het opleidingsaanbod en de opleidingsnood. Met een onderwijsconcept dat is gebaseerd op deze regelgeving kunnen studenten in alle Europese lidstaten aan de slag. Deze kennis zal AM&TS inzetten om het Educavia project te ondersteunen.

Partnership Aviato Academy

Aviato Academy is a knowledge, training and learning ecosystem for and by the Airport Aviation Industry and provides a learning management system upon which it offers their qualitative training.
Via this partnership, AM&TS now offers its EASA Part 66/147 MRO training to a wider audience via a new platform. Aviato Academy’s learning management system offers a unique opportunity for AM&TS to reach new trainees, and simultaneously offer Aviato Academy a unique portfolio in MRO training. From now on, AM&TS offers Part 66 Module training (B1.1, B2, B1.3) and Recurrency e-learning (HF, FTS and EWIS) under its Part 147 license. E-learnings are available today.

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