Human Factors for Maintenance Organization

This course is not only for maintenance technicians but also for other positions directly or indirectly related to maintenance work. The aim of this course is to improve the level of Human Factors awareness, recognize human performance limitations and understand and solve human performance problems related to activities in a Part 145 maintenance environment.

Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:
Understanding the nature of Human Error
Identify and predict potential maintenance Human Error
Reduce human error working under the stress and fatigue
Identify strategies for reducing or controlling maintenance Human Error
Adopt a credible policy toward human error
Provide training in Threat & Error Management strategies for individuals and maintenance teams
Identify threats and deal with them before they become errors
Assist in assessing current and proposed maintenance policies and procedures
Conduct investigations for individuals involved incidents
Develop effective risk management practices

Students should have a basic understanding of the applicable international and national regulations.
According EASA Part 66. A minimum of 75% is required on each examination. After completion, an EASA Part 147 certificat is awarded.

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On site or at our Part 147 Training Centre in The Netherlands

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