Part 145- Metal to Metal Bonding

Gain and develop in-depth knowledge and knowhow of metal bond structures

This training meets the formal training requirement for individuals who intend to become certified as aircraft metal bond repair technicians. Person(s) who complete this aircraft metallic structural repair training program is considered to be able to perform metal bonded repairs to metal structures in compliance with the manufacturers’ repair documentation or other acceptable repair data. Gain and develop in-depth knowledge and knowhow of surface preparation and the fundamental adhesion principles necessary to achieve a good bond to both non-metallic and metallic surfaces.

Learning hours:
Classroom: 14.5 hours.
Practical: 26.5 hours.

Prior composites experience or training is not required
The Aircraft Maintenance & Training School Part 147 certificat of regognition is awarded after completion of this course.

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€ 1.620,00

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