Part 145- Advanced Composites Repair technician, Advanced Level

Gain in-depth knowledge of aircraft composites structures and damage mapping on aircraft structures

This advanced composite level 3 course has been developed to meet the knowledge and skill requirements of a composite manufacturing and/or repair technician.

The participant who successfully complete this composite training program has in-depth understanding of Source Documents Review, Composite Structure Classification and Repair Categories, Aircraft-Specific Repair Material Requirements, Structural Design Considerations, Repair Selection Considerations, Resin Infusion Techniques, Heat Transfer and Cure Cycle Management, Protective Coatings and Finishes, Mould Making.
Learning hours:
Classroom: 8 hours.
Online Learning: 7 hours.
Practical: 31 hours.

Advanced Composite Program Level 2 or equivalent
The Aircraft Maintenance & Training School Part 147 certificat of regognition is awarded after completion of this course.

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The Netherlands, Singapore or Customer Location.
€ 1.720,00

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